This article will guide you with the installation process of Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and Remote Desktop License Manager to activate your RDS CALs.

Step 1

Login to your RD Server as administrator and open Server Manager, click 'manage' and then select 'Add Roles and Features'

Step 2

Next you will see as below screenshot, simply click next

Step 3

At the next windows set it to 'Role-based or feature-based installation' and click next

Step 4

Simply click next at the next screen

Step 5

At the next screen, under Roles, look for 'Remote Desktop Services' put a tick to enable it and expand using the arrow next to it. Once expanded put ticks for 'Remote Desktop Licensing' and 'Remote Desktop Session Host' and click next. 

Step 6

At the next screen make sure 'Remote Server Administration Tools' is ticked and click next. This will download and install the necessary components. Once the installation is complete, restart the server.

Step 7

Next go to 'Administrative Tools'

Step 8

Open 'Remote Desktop Services' Folder

Step 9

Next double click and run 'Remote Desktop Licensing Manager'

Step 10

When Licensing Manager opens up you will see as below, right click on your server name and click on 'Activate Server'

Step 11

Next you will be greeted with the server activation wizard, simply click next. at the next windows, connection method will default to 'Automatic Connection' leave it as is and click next again.


At the next 2 windows simply fill in your details.

Step 13

Server Activation Wizard is now complete, leave the tick on for 'Start Install Licenses Wizard now' and click next. 

Step 14

Next you will be greeted with license install wizard. Simply click next.

Step 15

Next select the type of RDS license that you have purchased, in this siatuation I will be using SPLA licenses. (If you need to purchase any type of licenses simply email us at and we will be able to assist you)

Step 16

Next when using SPLA licenses, you will be required to provide your Agreement Number. (This will be provided once you purchase SPLA licenses)

Step 17

Next set your Server Version, License Type and the quantity that you pourchased and click next.

Step 18

Next it will contact the activation server and if the details you provided matches, it will activate the service for you. Next follow the instructions from the article below to enable multi sessions via Group Policy