As a G Suite administrator, you can let users work in certain Google products with users outside your business or school. For example, you can allow file sharing in Google Drive with organizations that you trust by first whitelisting their domain, then granting them sharing access. Users in trusted organizations can also share their files with users in your domain.

Before you begin

  • You can whitelist a maximum of 50 domains. 
  • Whitelisted domains must be G Suite domains. If you add non-G Suite domains to the Whitelisted Domains list, they're still not trusted.
  • Subdomains and domain aliases aren't included when you whitelist a domain. Add these separately, if needed. For example, if you whitelist a domain, and they acquire, you also need to whitelist as a trusted domain to grant access to that organization.

Add or remove domain whitelisting

Whitelist a domain

  1. In your Google Admin console (at

  2. Go to Domains.
  3. Click Whitelisted external domains.
  4. Enter the name of the trusted domain to whitelist, then click Add.
  5. Click Save.