To add signatures to your email(including logo or photo)

1. While working on emails, please click on email settings at the top right corner of your page -

2. When settings page will open, scroll down to find signatures under the general tab. Mark the second circle and then write whatever you want to include in signature.

This is just a signatures in text form. Next step is to attach image in signatures.

3. To attach image in signatures, first you have to save that image or logo in your google drive. Follow the below image and go to your drive.

After coming to your drive please upload that logo or photo you want to include in your signatures-

4. Then after uploading photo to your drive, come back to step- 2 that shows the signtures part in settings. After entering your signature details in text please come to image part and follow below step-

click on inset image button, it will get image from your drive that you recently uploaded and saved. Now you can see that photo. Just select that and adjust the size.

after selecting that photo you can see like below snapshot-

Now you got logo as well as text in your signature part then click save changes at the bottom of the settings page.

Now try sending a new mail to someone. you can see your signatures at the botton of text you entered.