Adding Email Signatures

The first step in configuring separate email signatures is to grab your iOS device and launch the Settings app (it’s the grey gear icon that’ll be floating around somewhere).

Settings App

From the Settings screen, scroll down until you see Mail and tap to select it.

Mail Settings

In the Mail Settings, again scroll down to the “Composing” section and select Signature. The number to the right of Signature is the total number of email signatures currently configured on your iPhone or iPad. As you can see, I’ve got nine of them set up! Whoa.

Signature Settings

At the top of the Signature Settings is the option which lets you choose between having a single email signature for all of your email accounts (All Acounts), or individual email signatures for each of your accounts (Per Account). Select Per Account and a series of blank boxes will appear for each of the active email accounts on your device. The accounts will be listed according to the name you gave them when setting them up and not necessarily the full email address, so be careful not to mix things up and add the wrong signature to the wrong account.

Per Account Settings

To add signatures, just tap in the white box below the desired email account and type or paste the information you want to include. Your email signature can be as brief or detailed as you want, from just your name to a full list of job title and contact information with a legal disclaimer to boot!

In my case, I have one email address that I use for online purchases only, and that’s the one shown at the top. Since I never need to send any personal contact info when I use that email address, I’ve left it blank. Alternatively, the account listed second is one of my work addresses, so I’ve typed in way more data there